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Alexey N. Yakovlev

I graduated from the Rostov State University of Transport Communications (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) in 2001. I am an engineer, my specialty sounds like "computers, complexes, systems and networks", also known as 220100. Now I work at the Informational Computing Center of the North-Caucasian Railroad.

My professional activity is mostly devoted to development and maintenance of software projects in document workflow automation, as well as web-programming and design. My scientific interests include formal languages (mostly, imperative algorithmic languages) and compilers development. I feel sorry for my English language, which is rather poor as it is neither my native language, nor a formal one.

This homepage has been into existence since 2000. It was redesigned from scratch several times, but it was never updated. The current design was created in December, 2002. The only design element I had to keep is the hit counter located at the bottom of this page. Though I understand that no one really needs it, I still regret to throw it away for some reason.

I didn't remove any archives formerly published on any prior versions of my homepage. I had to move them, though, so you will probably not be able to find them at their original locations. Try searching from the File Downloads or Foreign Projects pages instead. Also please note, I can't provide any support for any project that wasn't written by me.

Among my own projects, I would like to mention the following:

The only project which remains active is Yalgol/02 (stands for Yet Another Algorithmic Language, generation 02) together with its compiler, also written in Yalgol. The main aim of my work on this project is the design and implementation of an algorithmic language featuring syntax-level enhancement facilities. You can hopefully find more details about it in the Projects section of this homepage.

And, at last but not least, the hit counter I mentioned above:   Counter CO.KZ

The most important quality of this counter is its modesty. It takes into account only those visitors who didn't disable loading of images. At the present moment its value is several times lesser than the actual hit count. Nevertheless, I appreciate this counter and scarcely remove it in the future.

Last updated: August 09, 2003

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