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  • August 9. Yalgol project update: new build 150 compiler (2003/07/06 21:42:48). Important changes: improved derived/base classes compatibility, added array initialization support, added experimental support for smart linking technology, fixed some bugs. Small changes: wrote more language samples, added and/or improved some classes in the run-time library, improved compiler command line handling, added intermediate and output path support.

    New compilers added to the Foreign Projects section: nice SPC (Pascal subset) compiler with detailed documentation by Eugene Pescherin, compilers by Fartushnaya Olesya and Gribenko N. A.

    Added some new links.

    Some changes in the site structure caused by the necessity of plain html generation. Text-only (for printing) page layout can now only be rendered using black-and-white palette.

  • March 2. Yalgol project update: new build 139 compiler (2003/02/22 23:36:28). Added transparent support for DOS host/target platform (via 32rtm DOS extender). Updated ALink: added built-in 32stub code and "quiet" option support. ALink is built using an old version of DJGPP and is able to run under Win32 and DOS systems.

    A bit restructurized Links page.

  • February 9. Updated Links page (added more than 20 new resources). Added Latest news page. Text-only rendering style is a bit modified.

    Yalgol project update: new build 138 compiler (2003/01/27 14:24:33). New sample program: optimizing Brainf*ck compiler for Win32 platform. Under development is DOS port of the compiler (extender used is 32rtm by Borland Intl.)

    Slang compiler documentation (provided by the author of Slang, Matvey Ralchik) is added to the Foreign Projects section.

  • January 16. Some small design problems have been fixed. Along with MSIE/NS/Mozilla browsers, the new version of the design is compatible with some older versions of Opera.

    Added Foreign Projects section, featuring the following items:

    • Slang 0.7, Matvey Ralchik's language and compiler (May 2000)
    • SDL 3.1, Artyom Samoilenko's language and compiler (June 2000)
    • Pascal clone compiler by Igor Duyunov (January 1998)
    • More than 10 other compilers developed by students of RSUTC in 1997-2000!

  • January 12. Published the new version of the homepage. Added Yalgol project (algorithmic language and Win32 compiler). Links section is not updated.


  • December 21. A lot of new materials are prepared for publishing. Found some old archives with many small compilers of some archaeological and even academical value.

  • December 11. Homepage is redesigned completely.


  • March 29. The last update of prior version of my homepage.

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